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Version: v10.15

Can I customize the look and feel of the App to match the branding of my choice?

See the FAQs for WaveMaker app development.     

Yes. WaveMaker Themes are based upon Bootstrap CSS markup. App developer can choose from a wide range of inbuilt Themes provided with WaveMaker. With a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, LESS and Grunt, app developer can build their own themes and import them into WaveMaker platform. These imported Themes will be available for use across the apps.

Themes can be built either by

  • modifying an existing WaveMaker Theme as per requirements (WaveMaker Themes are available on WaveMaker Git repository), or
  • using the bootstrap themes provided by Bootswatch.

There are two ways Theme can be handled within WaveMaker apps:

  • At the App level, apply a selected Theme either inbuilt or custom built. This will allow for a consistent look and feel to your apps.
  • At the Widget level, app developer can apply style properties to change the color, margins, alignment and much more. This can be applied for a specific, one-instance styling.

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