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Version: v11.4.3

WaveMaker 9.2.1 - Release date: 22 February 2018

WaveMaker has released a new version with new features.



Database Services

  • Fetch Options: You can choose the columns from the related tables that need to be fetched as per your app requirements. #doc


  • Chips widget functionality has been enhanced to (#doc)
    • allow users navigate between the chip items using keyboard right and left keys;
    • allow deletion of chip items using the delete/backspace keys;
    • change the size and position of the input text;
    • handle additional events #doc;
    • apply conditional classes to chip items #doc.
  • For Chips and Search widgets On Before Service Call event can be used to trigger an action before calling the underlying service to fetch the search results. #search #chips
  • The Data Table Actions (eg. New) can be displayed as a Button (default) or Anchor widget. #doc

Technology Stack

Find the updated list of technologies supported by WaveMaker.

UI Frameworks

For the newest version details, see our current release notes.