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Version: v11.7.5

WaveMaker Developers Guide

Introduction to WaveMaker. Find a complete developer's guide to build an app with Low-code approach.

WaveMaker is a low-code platform for developing modern and secured applications, including native mobile apps and scalable web apps. The Studio offers rich design experience with over 80 out-of-the-box widgets, ready to consume APIs. Import or design APIs for Databases, REST services, Java services, and more.

WaveMaker lays down extensive developer tooling capabilities and integration services. You can customize complex solutions to simpler format, such as variables. Bind them to the user interface to function simply.

In addition, create your own custom widgets called Prefabs that are API-integrated, encapsulating functionality, interaction and data, allowing you to develop once and edit and reuse as many times.

The platform provides you with everything you need for developing and building production-ready applications with faster and streamlined deployment process. Find complete developers' guide for building low-code apps using WaveMaker.

WaveMaker App Development Flow

Develop apps with a design-first approach or API-first approach. For a general idea, see the flow chart below.

Create an App

Step-1: WaveMaker app is a collection of pages. Design your app by dragging-and-dropping widgets on the page.


Widgets are UI elements, which make your app functional without coding. Explore the widgets library.

Step-2: Create or import a backend service. It can be a data service, web service, java service, security service, or use a third-party API.


WaveMaker provides a few ready-to-use sample databases and services. To learn more, see Backend Services.

Step-3: In a few simple clicks, using variables, integrate the backend service with the widgets.

Step-4: Deploy application with the one-click deployment process.

See in action

View the short video to see how WaveMaker apps work in a three-layered architecture, which includes, UI, binding, and backend services.

WaveMaker Studio Editions

WaveMaker offers two variants of Studio. For cloud-based and on-premise development, respectively.

1. WaveMaker Online (WMO)

WMO is a cloud-based product - no installation is required. For more information on the pre-requisites and setup guide, see WaveMaker Pre-requisites and Online Setup Guide.

2. WaveMaker Enterprise (WME)

WME is an on-premise product. For WME installation, see WaveMaker Enterprise Setup Guide.


Most of the WaveMaker app development capabilities are available in WMO and WME editions. Even so, Enterprise edition offers more specific business integrations like Git Enterprise, behind the firewall services, Single sign-on for platform logins, and more.

Quick Start Guide

Start with beginner's guideVideo Tutorials
For installation related information, On-premise SetupPre-requisites to Develop App in WaveMaker
Get the WaveMaker Studio walkthroughProduct Terminology and Dashboard Walkthrough
Explore Widgets and play aroundWidgets Library
Build an app in 5 minsBuild a WaveMaker App in 5 Minutes
Jumpstart to app building process and create a simple app.WaveMaker App Building Essentials

Guided Trial

We offer a guided trial. During this period you can develop, test, run and collaborate with your team members. Deploy your app to Amazon Web Service or WaveMaker Demo Cloud. At the end of the 30-day trial, you get an option to choose a suitable plan in order to continue working on the app. There are purchase plans for monthly and annual subscription. To get a customized plan for your organization, talk to our Consultant.

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