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Version: v10.15

Versioning of Queries and Procedures

In 8.4.1 release, WaveMaker has changed field naming strategy for result columns of queries and procedures. This has resulted in two versions of Queries and Procedures for backward compatibility:

  • v1 for older/existing query/procedures and
  • v2 for query/procedure created post-release 8.4.1


Following is how WaveMaker implements these two versions:

  • New service layer with suffix _V1 is generated for all services having old query or procedures to handle backward compatibility due to method signature changes in the new service layer.
    For example, HrdbQueryExecutorService_V1 Changes:

    • Old service always returned Page<Object> for select query. But new service returns Page<<queryName>Response>.
    • In old service, all parameters were configured as method arguments but in the new service, for INSERT/UPDATE parameters, are wrapped in Request class.
  • The controller always uses latest service layer i.e QueryExecutorService.

  • All existing Java services are migrated to use V1 service layer instead of the new service to handle backward compatibility.

    • In most of the cases existing Java, services will work as before but there might be a chance of ClassCastExceptions due to Runtime type casts i.e casting returned column value to the desired type.
    • To fix above-mentioned ClassCastException we recommend migration of all existing Java services to use latest Query/Procedure Executor service instead of V1.


Because of design time POJO generation, if any query/procedure meta is updated then the execution will fail at compile time rather than at Runtime. This will save a lot of testing and debug time.

You can easily read the response data with the help of POJO classes. All properties can be accessed using getters instead of map.get.s

Migration to V2

Steps for manual Java Service Migration/Using latest Services

  1. Inject query/procedure service class (i.e Query/ProcedureExecutorService) by using @Autowired.
  2. For existing Java services, you can either modify the class name from Query/ProcedureExecutorService_V1 to Query/ProcedureExecutorService or inject a new field.

Execute query/procedures in the same way as following:

  • Response type changed to Page instead of Page<Object> for SELECT queries.
  • Request type changed for INSERT/UPDATE queries to <queryName>Request.
  • For SELECT queries Pageable argument moved to last.
  • For Procedures return type changed to <procedureName>Response instead of List<procedureNameResponse>
  • Request type changed for methods starting create, add, build, edit, set, update with <procedureName>Request.