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Version: v10.15


📄️ Grid Layout

Grid Layout is the basic content layout, that caters to multiple layout needs. Using the grid layout, you can divide your page content into cells or grids and place your widgets accordingly. It gives you a flexibility of widget placement without having to get into the intricate design details. The major advantage of using grid layout is its rendering capability. WaveMaker renders the screen depending upon the device being used for viewing the app like mobile, tablet, etc..

📄️ Wizard

Wizards UI are suitable for tasks that have multiple independent steps, wherein the user is taken through each step to comprehend the task in a structured manner. Wizards have steps with a specific UI style that facilitates easy navigation. Wizards provide previous and next step buttons for the user to confirm their selections/actions in each of these steps. Users can also cancel the task at any step. Wizards also provide Done or Finish button at the end of the final step, to indicate that all the steps are finished.