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Version: v11.7.5

Data Integration Architecture

A major portion of the application’s code parts are auto-generated by the platform, leaving the business logic, rules and data flows to be coded by the WaveMaker App developers. UI layer is built such that, decisions to fetch or update the data to the backend services are made when the end-user interacts with widgets or other UI elements. Additionally, business logic functions either on the server-side or on the client-side are invoked at that time.

The binding layer provides a low-code approach to defining data flows, interaction, and integration of UI elements with the backend services. This functionality is achieved through the Binding layer, using following components:

  1. Variables: Variables provide data integration for the widgets. Variables are the gateways for the users to control, manage and synchronize the data from the database/web service or any other service in the backend.
  2. Actions assist in invoking a backend API, Database CRUD operation or navigation to another page when a UI event occurs. Events can be either user-initiated, notifications or a result of another task being performed.
  3. Binding of these Variables to Widgets helps in capturing the data from the user or fetching data from the backend services.