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Version: v11.7.5

Pre-requisites for App Development

What skills you need to develop web and hybrid mobile apps using WaveMaker.

WaveMaker makes building web and mobile apps much easier. It can be used by a RAD Developer with a basic skill-set, or by a pro UI developer.

Skills Required

Brief outline of the skills you need to build apps using WaveMaker.

SkillBasic RAD DeveloperAdvanced App Developer
UI FundamentalsWeb Semantics, UI Widgets, FormsHTML, Single Page Apps, AJAX, Form Post, etc.
JavaScriptSyntax & ScriptingAngular 7x, DOM & Event handling, scope, etc.
CSSBasic understanding of DOM element attributes (class or id)Bootstrap, CSS3, CSS overrides, etc.
DatabaseUnderstanding Schema & SQL syntaxComplex SQL queries, joins, relationships, ORM, procedures, etc.
JavaJava syntax, class, methods and AnnotationsObject-oriented concepts, Class loading, Maven, Spring & Hibernate
APIREST API basicsREST, SOAP, OAuth, & API Security etc.