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Version: v11.7.0

React Native or Cordova to Develop a Mobile app in WaveMaker

WaveMaker supports React Native from WaveMaker 11 Beta onwards and Cordova framework from quite some time. But the decision of which framework to use has several considerations, which are discussed in this document. The following details can help you choose whether to use Cordova or React Native to develop a new mobile application in WaveMaker Studio.


React Native apps perform better compared to Cordova apps. We tested a few typical scenarios where the same app was developed in WaveMaker Studio using Cordova and React Native. We observed that the React Native app performed 40% better than the Cordova app in terms of app loading time.

Feature Parity

Check the available features and supported widgets of React Native apps.


In WaveMaker, the only difference between Cordova and React Native Apps development is the styling framework.

Supported Technologies

CordovaReact Native
UI runs on a WebView.UI runs in a Javascript engine, such as JSC or Hermes.
HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to develop app UI.You will use JavaScript to define and style the React Native UI.

CSS Support


React Native does not support CSS.

CSS is very powerful and flexible. So, WaveMaker allows developers to define React Native styles like CSS, but with limitations. WaveMaker converts these CSS styles into JS styles. Therefore, a WaveMaker developer must learn this new way of styling the React Native app. Learn how to style and theme React Native apps. It should not take more than an hour.

Final thoughts

WaveMaker React Native studio should be a preferred choice for any new mobile application development.