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Version: v10.15

Security Variables

Whenever Authentication is enabled for an app, one variable and two actions are created by default and these are used in conjunction with the default login page and logout button (in topnav) given by WaveMaker. If you decide to design your own login page and define the login and logout behavior, you can still use these variables to handle the login and log out behavior, by appropriate bindings.


loggedInUser contains the details of the logged in user based upon the fields set in the User details


loginAction is used to capture the login values entered by the user and take appropriate action. Of special interest is the useDefaultSuccessHandler, which will implement the login configuration of post-login behavior, i.e. the landing page selection.


For the onSuccess event for loginAction to take precedence over this default handler, you need to uncheck the useDefaultSuccessHandler.

loginAction takes as parameters - username, password and remember me. These fields are bound to the respective widget values in the default login page. The username and password values as entered by the user are matched against the values from the security provider configuration.

Remember Me, when selected by the user, retains the session details and has a default expiry/lifetime cookie. This cookie is valid for 15 days or the user explicitly signing-out out of the application whichever comes first.


Re-run of the application while testing creates a new session and as such the cookies are not retained.

For more information, see Remember Me.


logoutAction is invoked when the user logs-out of the application. Of interest is the Redirect To property, which by default is set to the login page but can be changed to any other page in your application.