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Version: v10.15

List - Templates

List _items _can be displayed using various templates:

Action List

Action List can be used when you need to comment or share or like an item. For example, setting favorites on a List of Albums, to view the details - you can use this as Master List of items and on click of the icon on the left, it can take to a Detail Page.

Contact List

Contact List template can be used when you need to list some basic information like List Of Contacts, To-Do List, Tasks List, Products List, List of Employees, etc.

Email List

As the name of the template suggests that you can use it to show a list of Emails with some basic details and body of the email. This can be even shown as notifications where only the first few lines of the email body will be shown. This template can also be used for RSS Feeds and Article Feeds

Media List

This template can be used to populate basic information about Students, Products, Players, Results, Tutorial Videos etc. This template has a menu option where you can add some menu options to do some actions like add an item, edit or delete.