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Version: v10.15


A Connector is a reusable Java-based backend extension for WaveMaker applications. Connectors are built as Java modules to connect with third-party services. Each Connector exposes a set of APIs as Java SDKs to be invoked from a WaveMaker application.

For example, a Connector can accept an Excel file as an input, parse the data, and return the parsed response. (Or)
A Connector could connect to an external service like Kafka, MongoDB, AWS, Azure services, etc., and provide the respective integration capabilities.


  • Each Connector is built for a specific purpose and may integrate with one or more of the external services.
  • Each Connector exposes a set of APIs as Java SDKs.
  • Connectors are imported and used in the WaveMaker application.
  • Connector is built once and reused in multiple WaveMaker applications.
  • Each Connector runs in its own isolated container thereby providing the ability to have its own version of the third-party dependencies.
  • Multiple connectors can be orchestrated inside a WaveMaker application to implement the business logic.