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Version: v10.15

WaveMaker Enterprise Configure SSL for Platform

Follow below steps to Configure SSL for Platform to access Studio with https.

To start this process you need 3 files.

  • crt file
  • private key file
  • bundle file

If you have .pem file, you can extract these files from pem file.

Upload Bundle file to LB via LB Admin Console

  • Login to LB admin console http://<Platform-Machine-IP>/local/admin

    • user name : root

    • Take the password from lb container.

      • Login to Platform machine using ssh
      • Go to lb container and get the password
            docker exec -it lb bash
      cat /usr/local/content/secrets/lb/password
  • Go to Configure -> Security Certificates from Left Nav

  • Delete the old test keystore from Server Certificates section.

  • Upload bundle file in Certification Authorities trusted by Server Section.

Copy certificate files to LB Container

  • Login into platform machine using ssh.

  • Copy crt, private key file to /tmp/ of platform machine.

  • Copy crt, private key file to lb container.

      docker cp <crt-file-name> lb:/tmp/
    docker cp <private-key-file-name> lb:/tmp/

Import certificates in LB Container

  • Connect to LB Container
  • Go to /usr/local/content/pserver/pserver70GA/server/nodes/lb/config and backup servercerts.
  • Export private key and crt file into one certificate bundle. It prompts for passwords.
    • Your own Source password required to enter if exists.
    • Destination password is pramati.
  • Import certificate bundle using key tool.
    • Enter your own source password if exists. If not enter as pramati
    • Destination password as pramati.
  • Restart LB process.
    docker exec -it lb bash
cd /usr/local/content/pserver/pserver70GA/server/nodes/lb/config
cp -fR servercerts servercerts.bak
cd /tmp/
openssl pkcs12 -export -in <crt-file-name> -inkey <private-key-file-name> -out <out-file-name>.out -name <bundle-alias>
keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore <out-file-name> -srcstoretype PKCS12 -destkeystore /usr/local/content/pserver/pserver70GA/server/nodes/lb/config/servercerts -alias <bundle-alias>
supervisorctl restart lb

Access Studio using https

  • https://<DOMAIN_NAME>/