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Version: v10.15

Welcome to WaveMaker Enterprise Guide

WaveMaker Enterprise (WME) is an on-premise offering of WaveMaker. Installing on-premise allows customers to build applications that connect to databases, APIs, everything within the enterprise intranet.

Enterprise Features

With Enterprise, you get the following features.

  • Develop Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited App Users
  • Team Collaboration
  • Enterprise Integration
    • Private Code Repositories
    • Enterprise SSO
    • Administration Developer Roles
    • Infrastructure management
    • Prometheus insights
    • Priority Support, Training & Professional Services

About WaveMaker Enterprise

WaveMaker Enterprise consists of the following four components.

1. WaveMaker Studio

WaveMaker, a low-code platform with over 80 widgets that work out-of-the-box to build modern end-to-end application development with team collaboration. To learn more about working with WaveMaker Studio, see Getting Started with WaveMaker.

2. WaveMaker Cloud

WaveMaker Cloud is a Containerized Cloud, which consists of three instances.

  1. StudioWorkspace Instance
  2. AppDeployment Instance
  3. Platform Instance

Both StudioWorkspace and AppDeployment are managed by Platform instance. For more information about the platform concepts, see WaveMaker Architecture.

3. Config Portal

A Config Portal is a simple wizard application that helps to setup WME on the on-premise environment.

4. Launchpad

Launchpad is a WaveMaker's administrative console where you can configure users, manage Studio and Cloud instances for scaling, configure external VCS, and more. Launchpad automatically installs during the setup process.

Release Policy

WaveMaker follows semantic versioning. WaveMaker releases enterprise version upgrades for major, minor versions. Patch versions are available on demand.

To see the detailed list of release updates, see WaveMaker Release Notes.