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Version: v10.15

WaveMaker 8.0.3 - Release date: 28 December 2015

Here is a summary of key features, known issues and bug fixes offered in 8.0.3 Release.


Templates for Live Widgets

Live Widgets – Live List and Datagrid (renamed Grid) now offer content templates with pre-defined structure and placement for UI elements within. The simple drag and drop feature for these widgets has been enhanced to include selection of data source, a template and binding of the UI elements or widgets.

Server Defined Properties

Query Service parameters can be set to Server Defined Properties like current logged in user context & current time information. This will help you to access the contextual information while performing selections & updates using Queries.

Configuration Profile for database now supports a JNDI Data source to be configured apart from default WaveMaker Managed data source. Managing the JDBC data source out of the application through JNDI configuration gives more control over the database connections & also helps leverage the database connection pooling of the App Server, where the application has been deployed.

Introducing New Security User Roles

Widget access control has now been enhanced to include the following User role groups:

  • Everyone – access granted to all users – authenticated or non-authenticated users
  • Anonymous – access to users who are not logged in, for example display of Login button.
  • Authenticated – access to users who are logged in, for example display of Logout button. By default every role created within app security configuration, gets added to the authenticated role group.

Enhanced Configuration Profiles

The Configuration Profiles has now been extended to include REST services configuration in addition to the Database configuration. Like database profile, this will help developers to enable Web Service Variables to connect to different API servers (hostname) based on the selected profile.

Enhanced Live Form & Live Filter

Live form fields and Live filter fields can be selected from the canvas and properties can be set from properties panel on right hand side (instead of using the Edit Fields property). The Input Type property can be used to set a display widget type for each individual field in the live form/filter.


  1. Changes in categorization of widgets in the design toolbox of project workspace for better usability. Major changes include the renaming Layout widgets to Container widgets; Grid widget has been renamed to Datagrid; DataNavigation widget has been renamed to Pagination; Menu has been renamed to Dropdown Menu and few other changes which are listed here.
  2. In Project Listing page, activity stream has been updated to show, project changes pushed by your team collaborators and also a notification alert is shown for the same. This way you will have more visibility to any changes made by your team members.
  3. Service Variables now support file download corresponding to the MIME types supported by the browser. Consider a Java Service method returning a file with Content-Type as application/octet-stream, then the Service Variable corresponding to this method, when invoked at runtime would download the file.
  4. Two properties have been added to the Tree WidgetLevels to specify the number of levels to be expanded by default; and datavalue to specify the node to be selected by default.