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Version: v10.15

WaveMaker 8.0.5 - Release date: 3 February 2016

Here is a summary of key features, known issues and bug fixes offered in 8.0.5 Release.


Enhanced DB Widgets Functionality

DB Widgets (default widgets created for each entity upon DB import or create) can be configured to include Live Filter, Datagrid and Live Form widgets. The simple drag and drop feature for these widgets includes:

  1. selection of layout to include a combination of widgets – datagrid, form and filter to be added to the canvas;
  2. a layout for each of the widgets chosen in the previous step, and
  3. selecting and binding of the UI elements for each widget.

Import DB Enhancements

Importing Database has been enhanced to support 1000s of tables to be listed for filtering.

Class Picker Widget

The class property for widgets will now be rendered as class picker in properties panel which is a multi select drop down with various classes that are contextual to the widget. User can select classes and see the effect of those applied classes on the canvas with immediate effect.

Project Workspace Enhancements

Two new features have been added to the Project Workspace

  1. UI preview of the current page, and
  2. change template for the given page. Note this option will erase all the widgets and bindings existing in the page.

Session Timeout Behavior

Session timeout occurs due to session inactivity or deletion of browser cookies. The re-login mechanism for the app after a session timeout can be configured from the Security Login Configuration.

GoogleMaps Prefab

Googlemaps Prefab has been improved to include additional functionality like Radius, Shade, Perimeter, Origin, Destination, Trafficlayer.

Routes can be set by passing the String or GeoLocations(Latitude and longitude) to the Origin and Destination properties. Upon rendering the centre of the map changes to the route set.

Note: It is advisable to replace the older version of Googlemaps prefab with the new one in the apps already using this prefab.

DB Designer Enhancements

DB Designer for viewing and modifying the data model has been enhanced for an improved user experience.

Marquee Widget

A new advanced widget Marquee has been added. This widget can be used to display the content in marquee styles, any widget can be dropped into it.

Layouts for Live Filter

Live Filter offers content templates for layout selection and placement of UI elements within. The simple drag and drop feature for the widget includes selection of data source, a layout and binding of the UI elements or widgets.


  1. Auto detection of browser preferred language has been enabled. This feature will detect the preferred language, as set on the user’s browser settings, and the app will be rendered in that language if supported via Localization. Else the default language from the project settings will be taken.
  2. Home Page for an app can be set to be any page in the app from the Project Settings. This will serve as the landing page for your app.
  3. Datagrid has been enhanced to freeze the header row.
  4. Project owner can now remove members contributing to a Project.
  5. Advanced Settings Property for all the Live Widgets includes the content layout configuration.
  6. Custom Authentication Manager for app security has been enhanced and can now be configured to handle exceptions.
  7. Spinner property can be set for Live and Service variable, which will define the app behavior while the variable is loading.
  8. The series of events triggered during the Live & Service Variables lifecycle has been enhanced to facilitate customization based on the app requirement.
  9. Popover widget now supports inline content source in the form of HTML code. A Title property has also been added.