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Version: v10.15

WaveMaker 8.0.6 - Release date: 25 February 2016

Here is a summary of key features, known issues and bug fixes offered in 8.0.6 Release.


Database Designer

  1. Added Java Type attribute for database columns, allowing developers to specify the exact type mapping for auto-generating Entities. Note: changing SQL Type is allowed only for editable db schemas (see below)
  2. DB Schemas for HSQL, and other databases cannot be edited and hence are rendered as Read-Only schemas. In read-only mode, you can alter the Java Types and virtual relations alone.

Service Variables

Query Service Variables can be configured to return sorted results based on specified fields. The syntax for OrderBy property would be “field1 asc,field2 desc“.

REST Services

The Query Parameters for REST services now support data types such as long, float, double, date, datetime etc., apart from String and Int. You can change the data type of query parameters to bind directly without needing explicit type conversions.


New QR Code generator prefab has been added to the list of prefabs distributed. QR code prefab allows developers to generate code from text.

Carousel Widget has been enhanced to handle dynamic data. Current, carousel widget is a Static Carousel with images coming from the uploaded resource list. The Dynamic Carousel can be bound to a Live or Service Variables and use the url field as the image source.

Icon Library

Wavicon icons are thin fonts that were developed following the iOS and Android mobile style guidelines. These icons are shipped as part of the Icon library within WaveMaker.

DB Widgets

A new template has been added for the DB widgets, that uses live list accompanied by a Live Form to perform CRUD operations on the underlying dataset.

Notification Call Variables

A Partial page can now be used to show toast messages from a Notification Call Variable, to improve error handling within application.

Live Filter Widget

  1. Live Filter has expanded and collapsible properties which can be set, to collapse and expand the live filter.
  2. Empty Filter Options property can be used to enable ‘No Value‘ option for select and radioset widgets in Live Filter. The various sub-options define the behavior in case No Value is selected by the user. The options are:
    • NULL: Filtering on ‘No Value’ returns null records.
    • EMPTY: Filtering on ‘No Value’ returns empty records.
    • NULL AND EMPTY: Filtering on ‘No Value’ returns both null and empty records.
  3. Live Filters now support partial matches, i.e., partial strings can be used to set the Filter and retrieve the relevant rows. The new Live Filter property called Match Mode will define how the filter should be applied. The values can be start for matching the beginning of the string, end for matching the ending of the string, anywhere for matching any part of the string or exact for matching the entire string.


  1. Sort and Search can be enabled or disabled at the column level for datagrid widget. #docs.
  2. The syntax for Order by property for Live and Service variables is “field1 asc, field2 desc“.
  3. Issue with localisation of date and datetime widgets has been fixed.
  4. Remember Me feature which is enabled for all WaveMaker apps with Security enabled, has a default expiry/lifetime cookie. This cookie is valid for 15 days or user explicitly signing-out out of the application whichever comes first. Note: This feature works only for Demo & Database security providers.

Technology Stack

UI Framework

DescriptionJS LibraryVersion
JS Bindingjquery2.2.0
MVC Frameworkangular1.5.0
CORS support, prefabsxdomain0.7.5
Built-in functionsunderscore1.8.3
Device support, gestureshammerjs2.0.6

Run Time Environment