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Version: v10.15

WaveMaker - Release date: 3 May 2017

This release includes minor enhancements and bug fixes to the product.


Database Designer

  • Insertable and Updatable options can be configured for User Defined and Server Defined data values for Database columns. These options help you to control when and how the value for a specific database column changes at the time of row creation and updating. For more details #doc
    By default, both Insertable and Updatable options are selected. You can edit the options, but at least one option has to be selected.
    • If you select the Insertable option alone, the column value will be inserted only at the time of new record creation. The inserted value will not be updated at any point of time if the Updatable option is not selected.
    • If you select Updatable option alone, the column value will be set to the default value if provided else it will be set to null at the time of row creation and this value will be modified for subsequent updates to the row.
  • For Database Defined data values these options are deselected and disabled by default.

Bug Fixes

  1. Page Parameters for an app with CAS as security provider were not persisting on re-login. This issue has been fixed.
  2. The issue with query parameters not accepting special characters has been addressed.

Technology Stack

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UI Frameworks

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