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Version: v11.5.3

WaveMaker 8.0.1 - Release date: 26 November 2015

Here is a summary of key features, known issues and bug fixes offered in 8.0.1 Release.


Studio 8.0.1 release includes minor enhancements to the product.

  1. You will notice a change in the project creation screens enhancing use-ability.
  2. Navigation variable has a new gotoPrevious option,
  3. Live list allows for multiple item selection using long key press
  4. DB designer
    • import DB flow changes,
    • test data persistence for queries with parameters, and
    • unique value constraint for table column properties
  5. Security using Active Directory as service provider – introduced new fields: rootDn, user search pattern, test user name and test password.
  6. Minor enhancements to live widgets, date/time/datetime widgets