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Version: v11.5.3

WaveMaker 8.0.2 - Release date: 9 December 2015

Here is a summary of key features, known issues and bug fixes offered in 8.0.2 Release.


Project Listing Page

Accessing your projects has never been more easy. Project Listing page has been organised to categorise your apps into – apps, prefabs, template bundles and sample apps.

Enhanced App Security Configuration

App Security Configuration dialog is now improved for greater usability. For different security providers, it is now more easy to configure users and roles. Permissions and landing pages have defaults configured appropriately, and for advanced security you can change these values, according to the security requirements.

Updating REST Service configuration

REST service settings once imported can be updated with changes in the REST URL, query, path or header parameters and method type. If the response JSON structure is changed, the corresponding Service Variable gets updated allowing binding to newer or updated fields in the response #doc.

Accessibility features

Widgets such as anchor, popover, button or menu can be activated using the browser-defined shortcut keys such as Alt + [Enter] or Space. etc. Form widgets such as text, textarea, select, checkbox, radio, date, time, datetime, search, colorpicker, currency, slider can be configured to have specific shortcut keys.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Liveform has been customized for mobile layouts to have actions on the nav-bar and form elements as part of the page.

Touch EventsTap and Double Tap events have replaced the Click and Double events. These touch events are available for web projects also for building mobile-responsive web apps.

Native UI controls – device specific HTML5-based input controls for date, datetime, time widgets are used at runtime for hybrid mobile apps

Page Transitions – Animations such as slide, fade, pop, flip can be configured when moving from a page to another page using navigation call variables in mobile project. Default is none.


  1. Content property of various layout widgets, like panel, page dialog, is now bindable. This property will be of particular use when you want to load page content dynamically during runtime or based on some authentication process.
  2. Creating or Renaming Variables with duplicate names within the page and at the application level is not permitted and it results in an error. #doc.
  3. The new message layout property of Live Form allows you to display messages inline or as toaster. It was defaulted to toaster previously. #doc.
  4. Calendar widget (#doc) has:
    1. new multiselect property will enable user to select multiple dates;
    2. new events like On View Render, On Select (in place of On Day Click which has been deprecated) have been added
    3. new properties currentview, selecteddates (in place of datavalue which has been deprecated) have been exposed
  5. Connection Settings tab of DB designer has an additional capability of Test Connection which can be used before saving any changes to avoid any errors arising due to lack of connectivity. #doc.
  6. Mobile and PC display settings have been added for Live Form and Live Filter.