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Version: v11.6.2

Live Form Widget

Live Form widget provides a columnar group of input elements for user entry. Live Form can be bound to a database through Database CRUD variables and can be used to perform CRUD operations on the underlying database via REST API call. These CRUD APIs are auto-generated at the time of Database Integration.

Live Form in WaveMaker, when associated with the current item/selected item/row of a List or Data Table, provides values for update operations.

The Live Form fields are auto-generated from the Database CRUD Variable to which it is bound and can be configured to:

  • be represented by appropriate widgets,
  • enable field input validation,
  • reset form field data;
  • perform actions like editing and saving the form fields, adding a new record, and deleting existing record;
  • be set as a read-only form and
  • different layout styles like 1-column, 2-columns or 3-columns.