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Version: v11.7.2

WaveMaker 8.3.2 - Release date: 5 October 2016

This release includes minor bug fixes to the product.

Bug Fixes

  1. In design mode, widgets with Readonly or Disabled property set as true were not getting selected. This issue has been fixed.
  2. The default value for Autocomplete Widget and Select Widget, when used in Live Form is fixed to show selected value beyond the page size of the underlying Variable.
  3. Fixed the filter data issue when the table has a composite key and relationships.
  4. For Chart Widget:
    • The default format for axis data will be applied for values over 1000.
    • Show Label property for Pie and Donut charts has been fixed.
  5. Performance improvement has been made in the API designer to support a large number of APIs.
  6. Enabled unauthorized access handling in case of direct REST API calls, i.e. calls without proxy.
  7. Mobile Features: Issue with Create Event and Delete Event for Calendar Device Variable has been fixed.

Technology Stack

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UI Frameworks

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