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Version: v11.7.2

What is a WaveMaker App?

See the FAQs section for WaveMaker app development.   

WaveMaker App can either be a web responsive application or a hybrid mobile application built using the low-code or rapid app development approach. WaveMaker App is built as a single HTML Web App, with clear separation of User Interface (UI) layer and the backend services layer using REST APIs. The UI layer is built using the visual RAD approach, with drag-n-drop of widgets onto the Canvas. Later, these widgets are integrated with the backend services, to fetch and update data. WaveMaker App is composed of 3 layers:

UI Layer**

UI layer is built with Pages, which are composed with widgets using visual drag-n-drop approach.

Binding Layer

Binding layer integrates backend services with the front-end UI layer through REST APIs.

Services Layer

Service layer represents backend services auto-generated from databases, external web services or custom Java services, and more.

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