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Version: v11.7.3

WaveMaker MockingBird Setup Process

MockingBird is an extension that creates mocks for backend APIs in WaveMaker Studio. This documentation describes the process for setting up MockingBird and integrate it with WaveMaker Enterprise (WME).


MockingBird for WaveMaker Enterprise works on Kubernetes environment. Thus, related terminolgies are used in this series of documentation.

  • MockingBird Extension should be installed on K8s Cluster. It can be hosted and managed by an organization on their own K8s Cluster.

  • You can setup MockingBird on any K8s Cluster.

MockingBird Platform Setup Process

MockingBird setup requires you to follow the steps below.

1. Understanding and Setting up Prerequisites

Understand and procure the Prerequisites, including Persisted Volume Creation.

2. Install MockingBird Platform

Start installing Helm Charts.

3. Integrating with WME platform

Once MockingBird setup is successfully installed, follow these steps to integrate it with the WME Platform.

Integrate the above installed MockingBird extension with WME Integrate.