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Version: v11.5.0

Deployment to Heroku

Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and manage applications entirely in the cloud. Developers can setup a Continuous Integration pipeline for a wide range of technologies.

This post demonstrates how you can deploy a WaveMaker app to Heroku. You can also setup auto deploy from an associated GitHub account.

The process can be divided into following three steps:

  1. Configuring WaveMaker App for Heroku - which includes
    • configuring Heroku's webapp-runner plugin
    • adding Heroku's Procfile
    • setting app in external repo
  2. Creating and Configuring Heroku App including
    • creating Heroku app
    • connecting it to the external repo
  3. Deploy and Run the App


App Configuration Setup for Heroku

  1. Open the WavaMaker App you want to deploy to Heroku.

  2. Configure Heroku’s webapp-runner plugin - Open pom.xml and add the following (as mentioned in the section “Configure Maven to download Webapp Runner” of  this article.).



  3. Add a Heroku’s Procfile to WaveMaker App

    1. Using the instructions at Deploy your application to Heroku→ Create Procfile create the Procfile as a local file on your machine
    2. Upload it to the root of WaveMaker project using the Import -> Resource menu heroku_import_resource1 heroku_import_resource2
  4. Set up app in External Github Repository

    1. Push your application to External Repository heroku_git_repo1
    2. Push changes if prompted heroku_git_repo2
    3. Provide your GitHub credentials and a new repository name. heroku_git_repo3
    4. The repository will be created and code will be pushed to your GitHub account. heroku_git_repo4

Create and Configure Heroku application

  1. Create a new application in Heroku. heroku_create_app
  2. Connect Heroku application to GitHub. heroku_connect_app1
  3. Provide GitHub project name and connect. heroku_connect_app2
  4. From Settings Add buildpack heroku_buildpack
  5. Select Java and Save changes heroku_buildpack2

Deploy and run the application

  1. From the Deploy tab, Deploy Manually. heroku_deploy1
  2. Open Heroku application after the deployment is done. heroku_deploy2
  3. Your app is now running in Heroku
  4. Finally, enable auto deployment. Any push to GitHub repository will automatically deploy your application now. heroku_deploy3

Deployment to Heroku