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Version: v11.7.5

Working with Pull to Refresh

A gesture of swiping the screen down the page content refreshes the list. WaveMaker uses the PullToRefresh event to achieve this functionality.

Setting Pull-to-refresh for a List

PullToRefresh gesture is enabled:

  • if the page contains at least one list or
  • if the On Pull To Refresh event on pageContent is provided.

By default, if lists are present in the page and On Pull to Refresh event is not provided, then a pull gesture will refresh the variables bound to the lists.


  1. This default behavior can be overridden by providing On Pull To Refresh event on the page content.

  1. Set an action to the Pull to Refresh event. For example, open a dialog as shown below.

  1. In run mode, pull action will open the dialog.

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