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Version: v11.7.5

Mobile Build - Manual

One can also build apk or ipa on their system from a cordova zip. To help the WaveMaker developers in this manual process, wm-cordova-cli is created. wm-cordova-cli combines multiple cordova commands into a single command. Please follow the below procedure.

  1. Go through the documentation of wm-cordova-cli.
  2. Make sure that all the hardware and software required by wm-cordova-cli are present.
  3. As explained below, export and download the cordova zip from WaveMaker studio.
  4. Execute wm-cordova command with respective arguments based upon platform (android or ios).
  5. wm-cordova-cli will log the destination build folder at the begining. When the build gets completed, wm-cordova-cli prints out the path at which the built artifact is present.

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