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Version: v10.15

Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interfaces or APIs are the building blocks of the modern web. APIs enable simplifying the access to a program’s internal functions by an external application through a set of request and response messages. WaveMaker uses an API-driven app development approach wherein REST APIs are generated automatically for the application. Every service, be it Database Service or Java Service, that is imported into an application generates REST APIs. These are available for modification and consumption through the API Designer.

API Designer

From WaveMaker's API Designer, one can view the various Database and Java Service APIs that are available to your application. You can access the API Designer from the Resources Panel. You can use this designer for:

  1. exploring the various APIs generated by the platform, their description, and usage;
  2. test the APIs using the test tab, without having to access URL;
  3. and in case of Java Services customize the APIs.

Application APIs

These APIs are generated for the services imported/written in the current application.

Core APIs

Core APIs are APIs generated from the Database, Java and Security Services.