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Version: v10.15

Download and Copy Installer

Download the WME Installer

  • If you choose to use WaveMaker Images(OVA/VHD/AMI)

    • No need to download the WME installer.
    • OVA/VHD/AMI will have it already.
  • Ubuntu

    • Download debian package. The link will be shared by WaveMaker team.
      wget  <WME-Installer-Link>
  • RHEL

    • Download tar package. The link will be shared by WaveMaker team.
      wget  <WME-Installer-Link>

Copy The WME Installer

  • Copy downloaded file to home location or any location on the Platform Instance.

Verifying Checksum

You need to verify the WME Installer/OVA/License file (.deb/.ova file communicated to you by the WaveMaker team) using checksum command before installing it.

To verify on Linux

  • Using the following command, go to the directory where installer file(deb/tar/ova/vhd) and checksum files are downloaded.

     cd  <file-location>
  • To verify the file integrity of the deb/tar/ova/vhd, run the following checksum command.

     sha1sum -c [checksum-filename]
  • After running the command, the result should be displayed as OK, which means the checksum is verified and the file is OK.

To verify on Windows

  cd <ova-file-location>
  • After download, from command prompt, run the following command.

    FCIV -sha1 pathfilename.ext
  • In Windows, after running the command, the result should be manually verified with the values present in their respective files (checksum file shared to you by email).


 (Applicable for both Windows and Linux): Do not proceed further to installation if checksum verification fails. Invalid checksum indicates a likely corrupted download. Try downloading the file again or contact [WaveMaker Support](mailto: