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Version: v10.15

WaveMaker 10.7.0 - Release date: 09 May 2021

WaveMaker released a new update version with some new features and bug fixes.

New Features

Work in Branches

  • Branching support for hotfixes and features.
  • Create Project in WaveMaker Studio for a specific branch.
  • Develop, preview, and test applications of a specific branch in Studio.
  • Branching operations such as create, merge and delete are required to perform on the Version Control System (VCS), i.e., outside WaveMaker. For example, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket UI, etc.
  • This feature is enabled on request for WMO Teams subscribed customers.

Support for Red Shift Database

  • Connect to an existing database in AWS RedshiftDB from a WaveMaker application.
  • Store petabytes of data in easy-to-access "clusters" that can be queried in parallel.

Support for SAP Hana Database

  • Connect to an existing database in SAP HANA cloud database from a WaveMaker application.
  • It uses an In-Memory strategy to store data for analysis or information processing which is much faster when compared to other conventional databases.

VCS Enhancements

  • Support for grouping, including projects, groups, organizations in VCS.
  • Create a project from the existing empty VCS repository URL.
  • Show VCS repo URL for a project in Studio Editor.
  • Default branch (master/main, etc.) for any VCS repository.

UI Artifacts now published to NPM

  • All the UI artifacts required for generating and building the Angular app are now published to npm.
  • This removes the dependency on any other public cloud servers like s3 or other repo providers like maven.
  • This also simplifies integrating the WaveMaker app to an enterprise CI/CD pipeline, as standard npm repo is used.

Query Optimization for Faster DB Imports

  • We optimized queries that use databases' metadata to import a database. As a result, these queries help import large databases into your WaveMaker application 600 times faster.

Support for Latest Database Versions

  • Integrate applications with the latest versions of the available database providers. Find the complete list of verified database versions and the recommended driver versions here.

Other Improvements

UI Enhancements

  • For the Datatable widget, added the ability to show Load more using the On Demand pagination and Infinite Scroll to load as scrolling down automatically.
  • Added ability to Group data for the Select, Search, Chip, Radioset, and Autocomplete widgets.
  • Introduced a new property called Prefer Browser Language under Project Settings with a default value set to true. When you set the property to false, the app loads in the default app locale irrespective of the locale set in the browser.
  • Performance optimization for the show-in-device property for all UI widgets. If a widget is not shown in a device, it will no more be loaded in the DOM itself, making the DOM lighter and preventing any associated XHR calls.

Default Options for Richtext, Calender and Progress Circle

Introduced the following methods to get default options provided for the Richtext widget.

  • getDefaultOptions(): Returns the default.
  • getLib(): Returns the library used for the widget.
  • overrideDefaults(options): Customize the options which the library supports.

Backend Enhancements

  • Prevent HTTP Host header injection attacks. Developers can specify the host names where the WaveMaker application is deployed, and the platform will reject HTTP requests with different Host header values than this list.
  • Ability to deploy apps to 1.18 and 1.19 Kubernetes clusters in Digital Ocean.
  • Introduced the Max Authentication Age property in the project security configuration. It permits developers to allow users to stay authenticated for the specified duration when the identity provider (idP) allows.
  • Configure a number of concurrent sessions your application users can have by setting the property Max Sessions. These settings can be found in the Login Configuration tab of the Security menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to updating existing records that contains a blob type in the table column when using the new version of Oracle database.
  • Fixed an issue related to the tabs onChange not triggering when swiping from one tab-pane to another in mobile apps.
  • Fixed issues related to service call failure and server not reachable errors on the applications installed on iPad.
  • Fixed an issue related to multi-select items not working in the list widget when a web application launches in an iPad and Safari browsers.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Datetime widget throwing validation error in mobile devices when the Output Format property is set to a different type other than Timestamp.
  • Fixed an issue related to focusing Form fields in mobile and iPad browsers when the Form is inside the list with reordering enabled.
  • Fixed an issue related to reordering records on a list widget. Unable to move the records up/down with pagination set as an infinite scroll.
  • Fixed an issue related to text widget input type when changing from password to email and vice versa using Javascript.
  • Fixed an issue related to causing deadlocks when using Spring Session JDBC.
  • Fixed an issue related to an error occurring when using Swagger endpoint variable in Form Widget.
  • Fixed an issue related to prefab not appending if a "user-created" locale message is bound to a widget property.
  • Fixed an issue related to the scroll in the Tabs widget on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Currency widget decimal value.

Technology Stack

UI Frameworks

DescriptionJS LibraryVersion
JS Bindingjquery3.3.1
MVC Frameworkangular9.1.12
ngx-bootstrap 5.4 -> 6.2
Built-in functionslodash4.17.11
Device support, gestureshammerjs2.0.8

Optimised jQuery-UI library excluding unwanted components like accordion, datepicker, dialog, progressbar, spinner, tabs, and all jQuery-UI Effects.

Back-end Frameworks

DescriptionJava LibraryVersion
Spring Framework 5.2.9 -> 5.3.5
Security frameworkSpring Security 5.4.1 -> 5.4.5
Java JSON utilitiesGson2.8.6
DB Persistence libraryHibernate5.4.22.Final
Sample databaseHSQL2.5.1
JSON libraryJackson2.11.3
Logging frameworkSLF4j1.7.30
Http client libraryHttpComponentshttpclient- 4.5.13 httpmime- 4.5.6
REST API annotationsSwagger1.3.10
Date Time FrameworkJava 8 Date/Time API
Json Librariescom.tdunning1.8
Servlet Framework3.1

Run Time Environment

Cordova (mobile apps) Android iOS10.0.0 9.0.0 6.1.0

This is the default Tomcat runtime support. Apps can be deployed to any standard Java Web Server running on JDK 1.8. For more information, see here.