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Version: v11.7.5

WaveMaker 10.0.3 - Release date: 29 May 2019

WaveMaker has released a new version with bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • Load on demand Property: Fixed issues of extra columns rendered when the property is set on Live table and data not rendering when set on a Table.
  • List: Setting "show" property to dataSet bound variable's length was not functioning.
  • Java Service: On changing path params in API designer, Java Service call failed and unintended changes in the project were reflected in the project.
  • Handled uncaught promise errors for Variables invoked through the framework.
    • Note: You may still get uncaught promise errors if the variable is invoked manually through script and error is not caught by the promise returned from the variable invoke call.
  • When switching the container's content with the partials in it, the page freezes, and the scroll bar hides. The page-load-in-progress class was fixed from the root element.
  • Mobile: Default Login Action was getting called even if onClick action on login button is overridden.
  • Mobile: Widgets not available on variable success call.
  • Variable: Input param bound to a table's selected item not updated if the variable is invoked via the onRowSelect event of the Table widget.
  • Audio/Video Widget: Autoplay option if set through script was not working.
  • Table: Content of the dialog shown through deleteRow() action now supports i18N.
  • Navigation Actions were not working for container widgets like tabs, accordions, and partials. Issues related to multiple Dialogs were being opened.
  • Template bundle: The pages created were having page .onPageReady as an event in the script instead of page .onReady.
  • Mobile: AutoUpdate of the mobile app from inside the app was not working.


  •  New filter options added under Filter Criteria section for a DB CRUD Variable of the read type. They are, as follows:
"Is not equal to IGNORE CASE"
"is NOT in"


  1. For onSuccess callbacks of Service Variables returning primitive data (string, integer, boolean, etc), there is an additional parameter "options" having a field "rawData". This contains the original data returned by the service (without any processing by the platform). For service variables returning primitive data, all occurrences of "data" are replaced by "options.rawData". The data param continues to contain the primitive value inside an object having one field "value".
  2. App.onServiceError event now has two params only: errorMsg, the message returned by the service on error xhrObj, the object containing all the details of the service request. Information like URL, statusCode, request/response headers, can be fetched from this object.
  3. All the Dialog widgets when dropped in a page now have by default dialog.close() method assigned to the widget actions (onOk, onCancel, onClick for button inside a design dialog etc). If the user overrides these actions, the close method on the dialog needs to be called manually by the developer. All the previous projects are auto-migrated to comply with this feature.
  4. Boolean values should either be 'true' or 'false', and it cannot be '1' and '0' respectively. #doc
  5. When you use Test in filter API, you must follow the exact naming convention as specified on column names used in the query params of generated APIs. #doc

Known Issues

  • There is a known issue related to inserting the Parent and Child records in a single transaction with the versions 10.0.2 and 10.0.3. For more information, see Parent and Child Cascading Support.

Technology Stack

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UI Frameworks

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