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Version: v11.7.1

Data Table Widget


Data Table is available only for web responsive apps.

Data Table provides a tabular view for database Entities or API response data. Data Table can be bound to data sources like database tables, queries, procedures, web services or JSON objects through Variables.

Data Table provides a user interface to perform CRUD operations for data from a database, by integrating the editable actions with their corresponding CRUD APIs that are generated automatically during Database Integration process through Database CRUD variables.

Data Tables can also be bound with Web or Java or Query and Procedure Services, to display the response data in a tabular form. Note for such cases you will have the option of using a Read-Only table since the underlying CRUD functionality does not exist.

While designing Data Table in WaveMaker, the following features are provided to configure and customize the Data Table:

  • select the type of form to be displayed for editing purposes in case of editable Data Table,
  • search, filter and sort facility for the columns,
  • the configuration of columns in terms of layout, format, style and role-based security,
  • pagination styles for traversing through multi-page data,
  • table and row level actions for adding, editing or deleting rows
  • add any other custom action,
  • export to CSV or Excel files, and much more.