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Version: v11.7.5

Fluentd Tags


Fluentd is an open source data collector, which lets you unify the data collection and consumption for a better use and understanding of data.

  • Every Event that gets into Fluent Bit gets assigned a Tag.
  • This tag is an internal string that is used in a later stage by the Router to decide which Filter or Output phase it must go through.
  • Most of the tags are assigned manually in the configuration. If a tag is not specified, Fluent Bit will assign the name of the Input plugin instance from where that Event was generated from

Fluentd Tags

The required logs can be get by applying appropriate tag. The below tables list out the most frequently used tags in WaveMaker.

LB Tags

Fluentd TagDescription
lbAll application loged in kong
lbaccessAccess Logs loged in kong


Fluentd TagDescription
file-serviceApplication logs loged in file-services
file-service-accessLocalhost access logs loged in file-services
marketplaceApplication logs loged in marketplace
marketplace-accessLocalhost access logs loged in marketplace
studioApplication logs loged in studio
studio-accessLocalhost access logs loged in studio
oomOOM logs logged in all studio


Fluentd TagDescription
apkgeneratoraccessAPK generator access logs logged in jobworker
jobs-workerAplication worker logs logged in jobworker
jobsk8accessJob Kubernetees access logs logged in jobworker
jobsphaseconfigaccessJob phaseconfig access logs logged in jobworker
mavenlogsMaven build logs logged in jobworker


Fluentd TagDescription
catalinaCatalina logs logged in all user containers
localhostLocalhost logs loged in all user container
localhostaccessLocalhost access logs loged in all user containers
managerManager logs logged in all user containers
remote-studioAplication worker logs logged in remote-studio
supported-remote-studioAplication worker logs logged in supported-remote-studio
supported-remote-studio-accessLocalhost access logs loged in supported-remote-studio
remote-studio-accessLocalhost access logs loged in remote-studio
pm2All saaslogs loged in pm2
userAppilication logs logged in all user containers
oomOOM logs logged in all user containers
kernelkillKill logs that the kernal process given by the oom


Fluentd TagDescription
appcatalinaCatalina logs logged in all app containers
appmanagerManager logs logged in all app containers
applocalhostLocalhost logs logged in all app containers
applocalhostaccessLocalhost access logs logged in all app containers
oomOOM logs logged in all app containers
kernelkillKill logs that the kernal process given by the oom


Fluentd TagDescription
container-servicesApplication logs logged in container-services
container-services-auditAudit logs logged in container-services
container-servicescatalinaCatalina logs logged in container-services
container-servicesmanagerManager logs logged in container-services
container-serviceslocalhostLocalhost logs logged in container-services
container-servicesaccessLocalhost access logs logged in container-services
developer-cloudAll logs logged in developer-cloud
deployment-cloudaccessLocalhost access logs logged in deployment-cloud
developer-cloud-auditAudit logs in logged in developer-cloud
developer-cloudcatalinaCatalina logs logged in developer-cloud
developer-cloudmanagerManager logs logged in developer-cloud
developer-cloudlocalhostLocalhost logs logged in developer-cloud
developer-cloudaccessLocalhost access logs logged in developer-cloud
deployment-cloudAll logs logged in deployment-cloud
deployment-cloudcatalinaCatalina logs logged in deployment-cloud
deployment-cloudmanagerManager logs logged in deployment-cloud
deployment-cloudlocalhostLocalhost logs logged in deployment-cloud
edn-servicesApplication logs logged in edn-services
edn-services-auditApplication logs logged in edn-services-audit
edncatalinaCatalina logs logged in edn-services
ednmanagerManager logs logged in edn-services
ednlocalhostApplication logs logged in ednlocalhost
ednaccessApplication logs logged in ednaccess
errorpages-accessServer logs logged in errorpages
jobs-service-accessLocalhost access logs logged in jobs-service
jobs-serviceApplication logs logged in jobs-service
licenseApplication logs logged in license
loginApplication logs logged in login
login-auditApplication logs logged in login-audit
logincatalinaCatalina logs logged in login
loginmanagerManager logs logged in login
loginlocalhostLocahost logs logged in login
loginaccessLocahost access logs logged in login
mailApplication logs logged in mail
subscription-servicescatalinaCatalina logs logged in subscription-services
subscription-servicesmanagerManager logs logged in subscription-services
subscription-serviceslocalhostLocalhost logs logged in subscription-services
subscription-servicesaccessLocalhost access logs logged in subscription-services
subscription-servicesApplication logs logged in subscription-services
subscription-services-auditAudit logs logged in subscription-services-audit