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Version: v11.6.2


Grafana is a Dashboard creation and visualization tool. All the metrics from Prometheus can be accessed by Grafana and complex dashboards can be created from those metrics.

This is very useful because you do not need to type in Prometheus queries every time. A Dashboard is created once and is accessed multiple times.

How to access Grafana

1) After the WaveMaker login, open the Launchpad and click the Troubleshoot located on the bottom left as shown below.

Launchpad Dial Click

2) In the dial menu, click the "grafana" button as shown below

Launchpad Grafana Click

3) It opens the grafana home page, which should look like the below image

Grafana Home Page

4) You can access the dashboards by clicking the "home" button at the top left

Grafana Home Click

5) You should be able to see the list of dashboards as shown in the below image.

Grafana Dashboard List

Available Dashboards

WaveMaker contains the following list of dashboards

Platform specific

Platform SummaryComplete platform status
Instance MetricsDashboard showing Instance CPU, RAM, disk, etc
Container MetricsContainer CPU, RAM and Network status
Alert ManagerAlerts triggered in platform
JVM MetricsJVM summary of all containers

WaveMaker specific

User Usage StatsSeven days user platform usage trend
Container ActivationContainer Activation summary
Exceptions SummaryExceptions seen across platform
Jobs DashboardPlatform jobs summary
Login SummaryPlatform login success and failure counts
Project Preview SummaryProject preview success and failure counts
Projects SummaryProject usage summary
Studio PagesWaveMaker app page creation and load summary
VCS SummaryWaveMaker user VCS activity summary