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Version: v11.7.3

Export React Native Project as Zip

A ReactNative zip is used to create a platform-specific installer. WaveMaker supports generating React Native installers for Android and iOS devices. Below are two ways that a React native zip can be generated from WaveMaker project.

Export ReactNative Zip using WaveMaker Studio

  1. Go to Export and click Project as ReactNative ZIP.

  1. A dialog displays with all the ReactNative configurations.

Configuration NameDescription
Application NameThe name of the application
Server PathThe backend server URL. Dev is used to prepopulate the application preview URL.

Custom is used to add the URL of the application which is hosted somewhere else
  1. Make necessary changes to the configurations and click on the Build button. This action starts a job, as shown below.

  1. When the job is completed, you can download the ReactNative zip by clicking on the Download icon, as shown below.

Export React Native Zip using Maven Command


This an alternative of the above approach. This is useful if you are working outside WaveMaker Studio.

  1. Get the WaveMaker project into your machine by following any of the below methods.

    1. Export the WaveMaker project zip and extract the zip.
    2. You can also execute git clone <repo_url> command to get the project from a git repository which is commonly used across the development team.
  2. Install Prerequisites to support maven build.

  1. Execute the below command.

    mvn clean package -Dmobile.serverUrl="<url>"

    Here, <url> is the application server url. The mobile installer that is to be generated, will make backend calls to the url specified. (Refer the below image)

    Example :

    maven command to generate React Native zip

  2. After executing the above command, the React Native zip can be found at


    Example :

    maven command out file