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Version: v10.15

WME Run Patch

Running the Patch

  • When upgrading from 10.x.x to 10.13.x user needs to download the required content for the migration process. When the user has already upgraded to 10.7.x WME Version, in that case, there is no need to download migration tar.

  • To download migration tar please run the following command.

  • Extract wme_migrations.tar to /usr/local/content/wme/wme-installer/< version>/resources folder, for extract the content run the following command
    sudo tar xvf wme_migrations.tar -C /usr/local/content/wme/wme-installer/<version>/resources/
  • Run the bash script for upgrading to the desired version.
    bash /usr/local/content/wme/wme-installer/<version>/
  • To make https work, You need to add SSL certificates to Platform or router/dns level, to add SSL certificates please refer ssl configuration for platform.
  • To redirect HTTP traffics to HTTPS for accessing the platform use enable-ssl option while running installer, to run with enable-ssl option please use the following command.
    bash /usr/local/content/wme/wme-installer/<version>/ --enable-ssl
  • Enter config portal admin password to proceed with the process.


  • It takes 45-60 mins approximately. Please watch this terminal.
  • After completing the patch, go to Launchpad.
  • Check all User WorkspaceInstance/AppDeployment Instances status in Launchpad.
  • You can start working on Studio once the Instance status has started.
  • If the Instance status UPGRADE_FAILED, then there might be chances of docker version mismatch. You can upgrade docker version using Manual Docker Upgrade.
  • Please upgrade the Docker version if it is older than 20.10.7 in your User WorkspaceInstance/AppDeployment Instances.

Running the UI Patch

  • To run the UI upgrade in the WME setup , please use the below command.
    bash /usr/local/content/wme/wme-installer/<version>/ --upgrade-studioui