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Version: v11.7.2

WaveMaker 10.6.0 - Release date: 08 December 2020

WaveMaker released a new update version with features and bug fixes.

New Features

Upgraded to Angular 9

  • With Angular 9.0.0 update, be on the latest version of the technology stack, and access to the up-to-date Angular material and framework with improved performance and CLI.

  • With the Angular 9 upgrade, WaveMaker applications support AOT compilation by default, however, it continues to use View Engine for rendering instead of Ivy. We expect to support Ivy in the next major release WaveMaker-11.


With the Angular 9 update, you can expect to see an increase in the application build time.

Alternative to PhoneGap

  • As PhoneGap was deprecated by Adobe. WaveMaker is in the process of developing a Mobile App Build Service that is integrated with WaveMaker Studio (releasing soon). Meanwhile, We released a service called AppChef (similar to PhoneGap) to generate Android and iOS applications which internally uses wm-cordova-cli.


  • To build APK or IPA, export Cordova Zip from the WaveMaker Studio and upload it to AppChef. Learn more.

Command-Line for Building Cordova Zip

  • Now you can generate Cordova zip outside WaveMaker Studio by executing a Maven command in the project folder. Learn more.

Page Cache

  • A new flag called Cache is introduced on the Page tag. Using this flag, you can specify whether to use a cached page on re-visit. Using a cached page significantly improves render performance. By default, this flag is turned off. To know more about it, see Cache Flag.

Spring Session Persistence

  • WaveMaker apps use the spring-session-core library for session management. With this, it can offload the storage of the session state into external session stores. For example, you can use REDIS or any regular database that WaveMaker supports. By default, In-memory map implementation is set which will work just fine for a single node application. Plus, you can use other implementations such as REDIS, JDBC. Learn more.

Retain State for Widgets

  • To efficiently save and restore UI state by landing on the page at a particular state when sharing the URL, refreshing the page, or by clicking the back button. To learn more, see Retain UI State in WaveMaker Apps.

PKCE oAuth Flow

Tablet View

  • Supports Developing tablet views in Mobile projects. Access to the tab screens from the Studio.
  • A new property called screenType is introduced which specifies whether the app is rendered on a mobile or tablet. To learn more, see Designing tablet views in Mobile Project.


Up-to-date Libraries

  • WaveMaker has upgraded the versions of Spring, Hibernate. To know our detailed list of updated libraries, see WaveMaker 10.6 Technology Stack.
  • Updated the logging framework dependency from log4j (log4j1) to log4j2. From now, get the newly demo phase deployed app logs in the app.log file instead of the wrapper.log file.
  • Maven and Node versions updated. Maven@3.6.3 and Node@10.15.0. For more information, see Building Project with Maven.

Maven Repositories

  • Earlier the artifacts were downloaded from WaveMaker-s3, now Maven artifacts are published to the Maven central, including pom files, binary jar, and sources jar. You can search them from the WaveMaker Maven Repository.

npm Registry

Docker Upgrade

  • Docker upgrades to the latest version i.e 19.03.13. WaveMaker supports all versions which are greater than >19.03.


  • Introduced three new layouts for breadcrumbs. For more information, see Breadcrumb Template Layout.
  • You can select the currency symbol from anywhere in the app. This symbol applies to all the currency widgets across the app. For more information, see Localization Using Select Locale.
  • Required a Warning message for the filter option in the Data Table if bound to a query or procedure variable. This will filter the data on each page of the Data Table widget instead of the complete data table data set.


  • Upgraded to Cordova@10.0.0 and Cordova-ios@6.1.0. Click here for more details.
  • Added the purpose of each iOS icon in the Export Cordova zip dialog.
  • Till now, apps created in WaveMaker support both iPhone and iPad by default. There was no control to specify this preference to support iPhone only. In this release, a new preference called Target Device is added under iOS preferences in the Export Cordova zip dialog. Using this preference, you can specify whether the app supports iPhone or both iPhone and iPad. For old projects, this option is set as iPhone and iPad. For new projects, this option is set as iPhone.
  • You can include the version number in the filename of the exported Cordova zip.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue related to allowing Trailing Zeros property in Number widget in a Form and Liveform.
  • Fixed issues in Liveform and Currency widgets related to update value on the Keypress property.
  • Allow mapping userAttributes from /security/info api call in the loggedInUser variable.
  • Fixed issue related to specifying Tab Index for dynamic Form and List widgets.
  • Fixed issues related to displaying the Chart widget.
  • Fixed issue related to Carousel widget when enabling controls and animation property.
  • Fixed issue related to Export project shell to EDN.
  • Fixed issue related dropdown not working when clicking the down arrow icon.
  • Fixed issue related to viewing and editing the profile name on WaveMaker Studio.
  • Date widget supports localization for Today and Clear button captions for the Date picker widget.
  • Data Table: Supports theonRecordDelete event for Form as dialog and Inline Form modes.
  • Data Table: Fixed issue related to Radioset and Multiselect widget.
  • Data Table: By default for in 9.x, "table-bordered" and "table-striped" are applied under the Styles tab. When migrated to 10.x, these two styles applied are automatically removed. This is fixed.

Technology Stack

UI Frameworks

DescriptionJS LibraryVersion
JS Bindingjquery3.3.1
MVC Frameworkangular 7.2.2 -> 9.1.12
Built-in functionslodash4.17.11
Device support, gestureshammerjs2.0.8

Optimised jQuery-UI library excluding unwanted components like accordion, datepicker, dialog, progressbar, spinner, tabs, and all jQuery-UI Effects.

Back-end Frameworks

Upgrading to Log4j2 from Log4j

Logging Implementation is changed from log4j to Apache log4j2 as the former reached end of life. Apache Log4j 2 is an upgrade to Log4j that provides significant improvements over its predecessor, Log4j 1.x, and provides many of the improvements available in Logback while fixing some inherent problems in Logback’s architecture. | Description | Java Library | Version | | --- | --- | --- | | | Spring Framework

5.1.4 -> 5.2.9| | Security framework | Spring Security 5.0.8 -> 5.4.1 | | Java JSON utilities | Gson 2.8.5 -> 2.8.6| | DB Persistence library | Hibernate 5.2.17 -> 5.4.22 final| | Sample database | HSQL 2.4.1 -> 2.5.1| | JSON library | Jackson 2.9.8 -> 2.11.3| | Logging framework | SLF4j 1.7.25 -> 1.7.30 | | | Log4j 1.2.17 -> log4j2Version - 2.13.3 | | Http client library | HttpComponents httpclient- 4.5.6 -> 4.5.13 httpmime- 4.5.6 | | REST API annotations | Swagger | 1.3.10 | | Date Time Framework | Java 8 Date/Time API | | | Json Libraries | com.tdunning | 1.8 | | Servlet Framework | | 3.1 |

Run Time Environment

Cordova (mobile apps) Android iOS 9.0.0 -> 10.0.0 8.0.0 -> 9.0.0 5.1.1 -> 6.1.0

This is the default Tomcat runtime support. Apps can be deployed to any standard Java Web Server running on JDK 1.8. For more information, see here.