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Version: v11.7.5

WaveMaker 11.3.3 - Release date: 7 June 2023

WaveMaker has released version 11.3.3, containing new features in React Native, such as a new Lottie widget, SSL pinning, supporting third-party React Native UI components, developer UX changes, and other bug fixes.

New Features - React Native


Please note that the Native Mobile features are currently in Beta.

Lottie Widget - Beta

  • Introducing the Lottie Widget - (Beta), embedding of Lottie Files into WaveMaker applications for an enhanced visual experience. The widget uses Lottie JSON files. Simply provide the file path as the input source, and the widget will render the animation within your application.

SSL Pinning (Beta) - Enhance Security and Prevent Data Leaks

  • SSL Pinning enhances data security by adding an extra layer of protection to user data. For more information, see SSL Pinning (Beta).

Integrate External Component as Prefabs (Beta)


Developer Experience

  • The position of the Widget Layout icon has been modified to highlight the background color when active.
  • The default inline styles for Label, Button and Tile widgets have been removed. You can add styles explicitly if needed.


The Grid Layout widget is recommended for developing web apps. As a result, the Flex Layout widget, which is primarily intended for Mobile app and prefab development, has been removed from the list of Widgets available for web app development.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to the DataTable UI, not aligned correctly when the table data is refreshed when Row Expansion is applied.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue related to activate the date dialog from the Date widget button.
  • Resolved accessibility issue in the Date widget concerning the values of the next and previous month.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Data Table Header with Sort icon and direction for pre-sorted data, including API responses or data sorted in the variable onbeforedatasetready.

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