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Version: v11.7.1

Recommended JDBC Driver Versions for Databases

This document provides you with the recommended Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver versions for the respective database versions supported for Studio integration.

Download JDBC Drivers

  • The following download URLs will redirect you to an external page, i.e., the JDBC driver download page for the respective database.
  • Please ensure that you import any Java 8 compatible jar file.


Oracle Database VersionsDownload Driver
Oracle 12cojdbc7.jar
Oracle 18cojdbc8.jar
Oracle 19cojdbc8.jar


SQL Server Database VersionsDownload Driver
SQL Server 2016Driver 9.2
SQL Server 2017Driver 9.2
SQL Server 2019Driver 9.2
Azure SQLDriver 9.2


DB2 Database VersionsDownload Driver
  • All the above download URLs will redirect you to an external page to download the respective driver zip.
  • Once you download them, extract the downloaded file.

For example, select and upload mssql-jdbc-9.2.1.jre8.jar Typically, located in: <your extracted folder>/sqljdbc_9.2/enu/

Please see the document to learn about the supported database versions to integrate them into your application.