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Version: v11.7.5

How to Consume a WaveMaker API into another WaveMaker App using Open API/Swagger

You can Import REST API endpoints via Open API/Swagger import feature.

In this document, see how you can use an API of an existing WaveMaker app into another WaveMaker app in just a few simple steps.


This document assumes that you have a sample HRDB imported in your project. For more information, see Connect to a sample DB.

Download Swagger from a WaveMaker Project

  • Click File Explorer.
  • Go to the following path services/hrdb/designtime/hrdb_API.json
  • Download the file.

download swagger

Import Swagger into another Project

Import the downloaded swagger into another WaveMakar project. For more information on how to import, see Importing REST APIs via Swagger.

Enter Host Name and Base Path

You will need the host name and base path when you import an API via Swagger Import.


Ensure that the application is deployed before you could use the API. For more information on how to deploy an app, see One-Click Deployment.

updating host and basepath

  • Enter the Host Name. The host is the URL where the app is hosted. For example,
  • Enter the Base Path. For example, /services is the basepath for HRDB.
  • Click Save.

The WaveMaker app's API is ready to consume in your project.

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