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Version: v11.7.2

Splash Screen

A Splash Screen is a screen that displays an image or animation when the app is loading when you launch the app. You can add brand logo or a plain background. WaveMaker allows you to add lively animation that supports Lottie files, which is a JSON-based animation file format, allowing you to incorporate animation as a static asset.

Splash Screen provides you with two types of screens to configure:

  1. Background
  2. Logo

Learn how to configure these screens in the following sections.

Accessing Splash Screen

  1. Go to the Export option.
  2. Choose Project as ReactNative Zip. This opens the Build ReactNative Zip dialog.
  3. Go to the Splash Screen tab, displays as below.




This is the default Splash Screen applied to the application when no configuration is provided.

In Background, there are following two options.


With this option, you can use the color selector to select a color and use it as a Splash Screen image.



If there is already a Splash Screen image selected, then the option will replace it with the selected color or vice versa between Color and Image properties.


With this option, you can upload images only with the resolution of 1284x2778 for the Splash Screen.


Choosing this option allows you to use Lottie Animations as Splash Screen. You can only upload Lottie JSON files through this option.



When selecting Logo, you can configure the Background Color or Image too as a Splash image to load as the first frame. You can apply color to match with the Lottie animation you use. By applying the Background property, it helps apply smoother transition when the animation loads.