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Version: v10.15

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions cover everything you need to know about WaveMaker so you can develop apps like a pro.     


1. What is a WaveMaker App?

2. What skills you need to build a WaveMaker app?

3. How does WaveMaker simplify app development using the RAD paradigm?

4. How to build app using low-code approach in WaveMaker?

5. Does WaveMaker use the model-first approach or the UI-first approach for RAD development?

6. Can the App’s look and feel be modified or customized to match the branding of my choice?


7. What application architectures does WaveMaker Apps support?

8. Explain the WaveMaker Architecture.

9. How does WaveMaker support Micro-Services enabled architecture?

Widgets and Services

10. What are Widgets in WaveMaker?   

11. How to build widget extensions or custom widgets?

12. What are backend services?

13. How to work with databases in WaveMaker?

14. What databases are supported by WaveMaker Platform?

15. How Web Services work in WaveMaker?

16. How Java Services work in WaveMaker?  

17. How to integrate service in WaveMaker?


19. How to enable Security for WaveMaker apps?

20. What type of security is provided for WaveMaker Apps?

Mobile App

21. How to build responsive UI using Visual RAD approach in WaveMaker?

22. Can I build a mobile app with installer using WaveMaker and publish it to any App Store? 

23. Can I publish the Mobiles apps built on WaveMaker to App Stores without any limitations?

Development and code

24. Can multiple developers work on a WaveMaker app?

25. What libraries are used to build WaveMaker App runtime?

26. Can WaveMaker apps be modified outside the platform by manually editing the generated code?

27. Is the platform generated code readable and maintainable?

Licenses and other

28. Are there any licensing restrictions in re-distributing WaveMaker apps?

29. How are the application stack upgrades done?

30. Is WaveMaker App scalable in terms of usage?