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Version: v11.6.2

React Native Supported Widgets

In WaveMaker, the following Widgets are supported to develop a React Native app.

Data Widgets

SupportData WidgetsReference
FormStyle Document
ListStyle Document
CardsStyle Document
Live Form
Live Filter

Layout Widgets

SupportLayout WidgetsReference
AccordionStyle Document
TabsStyle Document
WizardStyle Document
PanelStyle Document
Grid LayoutStyle Document
Linear Layout (See this video)Style Document
ContainerStyle Document
TileStyle Document
Segmented Content
Media list

Form Widgets

SupportForm WidgetsReference
ButtonStyle Document
Button GroupStyle Document
TextStyle Document
Rich text editor
NumberStyle Document
TextAreaStyle Document
SelectStyle Document
ChipsStyle Document
CurrencyStyle Document
RadiosetStyle Document
CheckboxStyle Document
Checkbox setStyle Document
ToggleStyle Document
SwitchStyle Document
DateStyle Document
CalendarStyle Document
TimeStyle Document
DateTimeStyle Document
SliderStyle Document
RatingStyle Document
Select LocaleStyle Document

Basic Widgets

SupportBasic WidgetsReference
LabelStyle Document
AnchorStyle Document
IconStyle Document
PictureStyle Document
VideoStyle Document
htmlcheck WebView
MessageStyle Document
SpinnerStyle Document
SearchStyle Document
Progress BarStyle Document
Progress CircleStyle Document

Chart Widgets

SupportChart WidgetsReference
Cumulative LineUse Line chart to achieve
SupportNavigation WidgetsReference
NavStyle Document
Dropdown MenuStyle Document
PopoverStyle Document

Advanced Widgets

SupportAdvanced WidgetsReference
LoginStyle Document
CarouselStyle Document
Web ViewStyle Document

Dialog Widgets

SupportDialog WidgetsReference
Design DialogStyle Document
Alert DialogStyle Document
Confirm DialogStyle Document

Device Widgets

SupportDevice WidgetssReference
CameraStyle Document
Barcode ScannerStyle Document

Page Layout Widgets

SupportPage Layout WidgetsReference
App Nav barStyle Document
Left PanelStyle Document
PageStyle Document
Page ContentStyle Document
Tab barStyle Document