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Version: v11.7.0

Teams FAQs

What are the different types of subscriptions in WaveMaker?

At WaveMaker, we offer the following options including, Solo, Team, and On-Premise.

  1. Solo

    It's geared towards users who want to get started quickly and do not need to worry about infrastructure and application maintenance. Get immediate access to the latest and greatest features, no work required.

  2. Teams

    Think of this as a Solo, but at scale. Teams provide the same functionality as our Solo but have additional capabilities to better serve enterprise organizations and collaboration. It is for teams who are looking for more customization and control.

  3. On-Premise

    It features in-house installation – hosted and accessed, either on your own hardware or through cloud hosting services like AWS. You can customize your setup however you like.

What benefits you get when you subscribe to Teams compared to the Enterprise Set-up

  1. Immediate availability

    With Teams, you can access the Teams portal as soon as you have subscribed to it and you can start using the services right away. And, this saves a lot of time from installation of any hardware setup or configuration process.

  2. Cost-effectiveness

    With Teams, there are no hardware expenses involved. Therefore, there is no need to buy, install, configure, and maintain servers, or other components for your runtime environment.

What benefits you get when you subscribe to Teams against the Solo sign-up?

When you subscribe as a Team, you can do the following.

  1. Simplify Access Management

  2. Projects Collaboration Seamlessly

  3. Add Code Repository

  4. Customize Role Management

  5. Manage Team profile

  6. Priced Right for Small Teams

How to migrate to Team from WME setup?

  1. WaveMaker support will create a Team for you and assign you role of Team Adminstrator.

  2. You will recive an mail with url from which you can access and configure the Team as you like.

  3. Resources like Projects, Members etc need to be explicitly added into the Team by Team Adminstrators.

What is workspace isolation?

Team implicitly enables workspace isolation. Team's resources are confined to it's workspace. This means resources (Projects, Deployments, Settings, Members, Roles etc) belonging to a specific team cannot be accessed or shared by a user in different team. Any resource can only be shared among the users part of a particular team. An user can be part of mulitple teams and he/she can switch between different teams and access resources specific to that team.