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Version: v10.15

Configuring Cascading Select

One can drive the content of a Select widget based upon the selection of another Select widget. For example, a user is provided with a list of Countries and based upon the selection, a list of Cities is displayed for selection from a second list. Let us see how to achieve this in WaveMaker. Note: We are using a dataset CityListing which contains the country and city details.

  1. Drag and drop two Select and one Label widgets onto the canvas.
  2. Create a Database CRUD Variable for the above CityListing table (say, citylistingVar).
  3. Bind the first Select widget to the _citylistingVar _dataset. Set the Display Field and Data Field to the Country field of the dataset.
  4. Create another Database CRUD variable (say, cityVar), bind it to the CityListing dataset and set filter on the Country field to the Country Select widget datavalue.
  5. Bind the second Select widget to the variable (_cityVar) _created in the above step. Set the Display Field and Data Field to the City field.
  6. Run the application, select country and see the city list change.

Select Use Cases