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Version: v11.7.3

Configuring Select Widget from Database Fields

A Select widget can be used in various ways based on the source of data. Each type of data source needs a different approach. WaveMaker Select widget works in any one of the following ways:

The options displayed in the Select drop-down can come from a database, too. For example, you want the user to select department id based on the department they belong to.

  1. Drag and drop a Select and Label widget onto the canvas.
  2. Bind the Select widget to a database. Here we are using the Department table from the hrdb, import the sample db that comes shipped with Studio and has been imported earlier and Create Database CRUD Variable
  3. Set the Datafield property to the deptid field and Display Field property to the name field of the Live Variable corresponding to Department dataset
  4. The selection made by the user is displayed in a Label widget, by binding the select datavalue to it.
  5. Preview the app and see the selected item from the Select widget displayed in the label.

Select Use Cases