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Version: v11.5.0

WaveMaker Enterprise Upgrade

This document provides the instructions install a patch to upgrade the current WaveMaker Enterprise version for enhancing features or optimizing the performance of the installed WME.

The following table is the compatibility matrix for upgrading the WME:


The following list provides the currently supported versions for WME patching. Kindly contact our WaveMaker support team if you did not find the right version.

Check out full list of releases here.

WME Patch releaseSupported WME versions
v11.4.xv10.13.x or higher
v11.3.xv10.13.x or higher
v11.3.xv10.13.x or higher
v11.2.xv10.13.x or higher
v11.1.xv10.13.x or higher
v10.13.xv10.6.x or higher
v10.11.xv10.6.x or higher
v10.10.xv10.6.x or higher
v10.9.xv10.6.x or higher
v10.8.xv10.6.x or higher
v10.7.xv10.6.x or higher
v10.6.xv10.5.3 or higher
v10.5.3v10.x.x or higher
v10.4.2v10.x.x or higher
v10.3.1v9.3.x or higher
v10.0.3v9.3.x or higher
v9.4.0 v9.2.0 or higher
v9.3.0.1 v9.0.x or higher

Patch Inventory

Following are the patch files you will need in order to install the patch on the WME setup running on your host machine.

  • Ubuntu & RHEL
    • patch file in tar format.
    • corresponding checksum (sha1sum) files

Links for WME Patch and the corresponding checksum (sha1sum) files will be provided to you by the WaveMaker team through an email. You need to download the files before starting the installation.