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Version: v11.7.2

Docker Image for local Web preview

This Docker image is configured to allow users to execute wm-reactnative-cli commands.

Software packages Installed in Docker Image

  • Download Docker.

  • Installed software packages for WaveMaker Application Build

    • Curl
    • Node Js
    • Unzip
    • Git

Building Image with Docker File

To build a image from docker file, check the following steps

1. Create Docker File

To create a wm app builder Dockerfile, use the following command.


You can use the following Dockerfile to build Docker images and create Docker containers for creating rn-project previewing.

FROM ubuntu:focal
RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install curl -y
RUN curl -SLO
RUN chmod 500
RUN ./ 18
RUN apt-get install nodejs -y
RUN apt-get install unzip -y
RUN apt-get install git -y
RUN npm install -g @wavemaker/wm-reactnative-cli@1.6.1

Save the above

2. Create Docker Image

Build the Docker image using the below command

docker image build -t <image-name>:1.0 -f
example: docker image build -t wavemaker/wm-rn-web-preview:1.0  -f

Build Image with a tag from Docker Hub

To Build Image with a specific tag from Docker Hub, Pull the wm-rn-web-preview Image by running the following command

docker pull wavemakerapp/wm-rn-web-preview:<tag>
example: docker pull wavemakerapp/wm-rn-web-preview:latest

Setup wm-rn-web-preview Container

Follow the instructions below to setup a wm-rn-web-preview container.

  • If there is an already exsisting container with name wm-rn-web-preview, it can be removed by running the following command:

    docker rm wm-rn-web-preview
  • For the first time, to create a container wm-rn-web-preview and run it. you need to run the following command:

    docker container run -it --name wm-rn-web-preview -p19009:19009 wavemakerapp/wm-rn-web-preview

    wm-rn-web-preview is the container name created.

    -p19009:19009 The -p option in Docker is used for port binding, and it follows the pattern HostPort:DockerPort.

    wavemakerapp/wm-rn-web-preview is the image name.

  • This will launch a terminal session in docker container, here we can use wm-reactnative-cli commands.

    For example,

    wm-reactnative run web-preview <preview_url> --clean

    <preview_url> is the app preview url (eg:'')


Starting the Container

  • After setting up the container, To start the container, you can run the following command:

    docker run -it wm-rn-web-preview /bin/bash