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Version: v11.7.1

WaveMaker 11.2.0 - Release date: 21 November 2022

This release includes several new features, like API Mocking in Studio, discovering dependencies to compose API, TrueSPA, creating new projects from VCS repo, updating timezones at Pages and Widget level, changes in JDBC connectors, Cordova Android updates, and bug fixes.

New Features

Enable API Mocking in WaveMaker Studio

API Mockingbird can mock APIs with realistic data, allowing you to work concurrently on the front-end of an application while the back-end team develops the API. Learn more about how to Enable API Mocking with a single-click.

Discover and Enable Dependencies for API Composition

You can compose a Java API with easy discovery of dependencies from the right panel and with a single-click you to generate code for Import statement and @Autowire annotation for the Service. Learn more about how to Discover and Compose a Java API.

Single Page App Behavior

With Single Page App (SPA), WaveMaker app's UI behaves closer to a Single Page App functionality. When you navigate between pages, it only affects the content area, rendering of static areas, such as the header, leftnav, footer, etc., remains unaffected, which results in smoother page transitions and a better user experience.

This feature is still in beta and is not enabled by default. Learn more about how to enable this behavior in your app.

Create Project from VCS Repo

For Team Portal, we improved the UI, allowing you to Import Projects from VCS, supporting Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure, and importing the Git history of the project. Learn more about how to Import Projects from VCS.

Update Timezone for Pages and Widgets

Introducing the following methods to override the browser locale settings to the timezone of a specific locale.

  • setTimezone
  • onBeforePageReady

Changes in JDBC Connection

MySQL and MariaDB Workspace Database will use MariaDB Connector for the JDBC connection.

  • Existing Apps will continue to use MySQL Connector.
  • New apps use MariaDB as the default connector for the workspace and the MySQL databases.

To change the default connector settings, see Configuring MariaDB to MySQL Connectors.

Cordova Android Upgrade

Upgraded Cordova-Android to 11.0.0, which includes the following changes in Cordova projects.

  • Default target Android SDK is updated to 32.
  • In Cordova-Android 11.0.0, the way of configuring the splash screen is updated. For more information, check here. Instead of a full splash image, an icon with transparent background is enough. You can also specify the background color of the splash. For existing projects, WaveMaker Icon is set; change it with the app-specific icon (288 X 288).
  • Splashscreen plugin is no longer required and is removed.
  • Allowing an option to enable and disable torch while using a barcode scanner for mobile apps.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to OAuth 2.0 implicit flow occured since WaveMaker v11.0.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Calender widget on a page throwing console errors if the browser language is not set to English. For example, Spanish.

Mobile: Cordova

  • In apk, REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES was added for auto update of apk during development. Later, auto upgrade functionality was deprecated. But, this permission is still present in config.xml. Recently, Google Playstore is seeking explanation from developer about the purpose. So, this permission is removed from config.xml.

Technology Stack

UI Frameworks

DescriptionJS LibraryVersion
JS Bindingjquery3.6.0
jquery-ui* 1.13.0 -> 1.13.2
MVC Frameworkangular12.2.16
Built-in functionslodash4.17.21
Device support, gestureshammerjs2.0.8

Optimised jQuery-UI library excluding unwanted components like accordion, datepicker, dialog, progressbar, spinner, tabs, and all jQuery-UI Effects.

Backend Frameworks

DescriptionJava LibraryVersion
Spring Framework 5.3.22 -> 5.3.23
Security frameworkSpring Security 5.7.3 -> 5.7.5
Java JSON utilitiesGson 2.9.1 -> 2.10
DB Persistence libraryHibernate 5.6.10.Final -> 5.6.12.Final
Sample databaseHSQL 2.7.0 -> 2.7.1
JSON libraryJackson 2.13.3 -> 2.14
Logging frameworkSLF4j1.7.36
Logging ImplementationLog4j22.18.0
Http client libraryHttpComponentshttpclient- 4.5.13
httpmime- 4.5.6
Servlet Framework4.0.1
Database Connection PoolingHikariCP5.0.1

Runtime Environment

Cordova (mobile apps)
10.1.2 -> 11.0.0

This is the default Tomcat runtime support. Apps can be deployed to any standard Java Web Server running on JDK 11. For more information, see here.

Build Environment for Multi-version Studio

Build Environment 11

React Native 11


Angular Web and Mobile 11


For more information about building project with Maven, see here.

Build Environment 10

Angular Web and Mobile 10