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Angular 16 Upgrade

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WaveMaker Release 11.7 is scheduled for the 29th of April 2024 and the release will include an update to Angular 16. This upgrade will enhance your application development experience and performance.

Angular 15 New Features and Enhancements

Current versionUpdating to
Angular 15.2.x16.2.x

Angular 15 to 16 includes many performance improvements, such as faster startup times and improved rendering performance, allowing the apps to be more responsive and provide a better user experience. Also, it improves the stability and reliability of Angular applications.


With the Angular 16 upgrade, it is suggested to use the latest compatible browser versions.

To understand more about the compatible browser versions, see Angular Browser Support.


With this upgrade, the support for Cordova iOS apps version 14 and 15 is ending and the minimum version support is now version 16.