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Version: v11.7.2

How to use Conditional Class Property

Conditional Class property allows you to bind an expression which will be evaluated and appended as classes to a widget.

Conditional Class property can be set for the following Widgets:

  • Label
  • Anchor
  • Button
  • Container
  • Panel
  • Tile

You can access this property from the Styles tab of the Properties panel.

The expression can be of three ways:

  1. Variable/Widget: it can be bound to any outbound property of the Variable/Widget or a simple JavaScript expression involving the Variable/Widget.
  2. Array of expressions as [Variables.variablename.dataSet.datavalue, 'bg-info']. In such cases all the classes that each array value evaluates to will be added to the widget.
  3. Object as {'label-success': Widgets.list.currentitem.progress === 100, 'label-warning': Widgets.list.currentitem.progress > 50, 'label-danger': Widgets.list.currentitem.progress < 25}. In this case all classes that evaluate to truth value will be added to widget.


Use case: To represent vacation item based on type of leave applied or based on status of application.

We will be using a project with the Sample hrdb imported Steps:

  1. Drag n Drop List widget and select Vacation as Type from hrdb data service.
  2. Add a Tile widget inside List template
  3. Bind Tile widget Conditional Class property to expression:
{'bg-success': Widgets.livelist2.currentItem.status === 'Approved', 
'bg-info': Widgets.livelist2.currentItem.status === 'Pending',
'bg-danger': Widgets.livelist2.currentItem.status === 'Rejected'}

This expression checks the status if it is: Approved - ‘bg-success’ will be applied. Pending - ‘bg-info’ will be applied. Rejected - ‘bg-danger’ will be applied. Note: Instead of the predefined class (bg-success etc.) as shown in the above example, you can use your custom class names as defined either in the app.css file or from the Styles tab of the page.

  1. At run time based on the leave status the background color of tile will change.